Our lessons are structured in such a way as to constantly maintain the interest of children in the learning process. Each lesson begins with a funny music and finger gymnastics. We set theme of a class and go on a journey into a fairyland. Magic animals, princesses and talking cars help us with the tasks.

Magic friends help children to solve the problems - finding the right colors, letters, numbers, words, etc. We repeat the material and learn something new. The goal of any class is to gain knowledge in a fun playful way.

2-3 Years Old 3-4 Years Old 4-5 Years Old
Speach Development Child Name and Age All of the above, plus All of the above, plus
Free PlayColors (6-7 basic colors) Colors (advanced)
Parts of house, furniture Pick up the opposite words: day is light, and night is ... (dark),
winter is cold and summer is ... (warm),
wool is light and stone is ... (heavy),
brick is solid and box is ... (hollow),
tree is high and stump is ... (low),
river is wide and brook is ... (narrow),
elephant is big and mouse is ... (small).
Parts of trees What animals say (dog barks, cat meows, cow mooing, rooster crows, mouse squeaks, pig grunts, etc.)
Parts of cars What animals do (fish swims, bird flies, snake crawls, bunny jumps, man walks, etc).
Human and animals bodies Days of the week Months by seasons
Fruits and vegetables A few (2-3) kinds of trees and flowers (oak, apple tree, rose, etc.) More trees and flowers
Domestic and wild animals and their babies Predators and herbivorous animals
Who lives where (anthill, doghouse, etc) Adjectives (far-close, low-high, light-dark, fast-slow, etc.) Holidays
Insects Identify several professions (doctor, fire fighter, etc.) More professions, traits of the profession, how they help people
Math Recognize shapes and match similar items signs "+", "-", "="
One and many All of the above, plus Divide a circle and square into two and four equal parts
Count 1 to 10 Count 1-20
Compare things (Bigger and smaller, longer and shorter) Writing letters and numbers Understand the words: top, bottom, left, right
Equality and inequality of items Count things Compare numbers (less orgreater)
Finding similar items Count 1-20
Small Muscles Draw vertical, horizontal lines, circles Writing letters and numbers Make a knot in a rope
Color and paint without departing from the contours Write your name Button up, zip up
Tracing different shapes with markers and paint Draw lines exactly on point, without lifting the pencil from the paper Conduct vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines of the correct size
Make lines connecting the same objects Shading shapes smooth straight lines, without departing from the contour of the graphic Cut a complex shapes with scissors
Use scissors
Assemble a whole thing from pieces
Others Repeat the movement after teacher in a specific sequence: clap your hands, hands up/down/to the side Reading Find differences between objects
Clap only when hear a certain word Show the right and left hand Speak with different intonation (joy, sadness, etc)
Build easy things from blocks
Solve simple puzzles and manipulative toys Solve puzzles and manipulative games
Find differences between pictures Retell the content of a heard story
Repeat small poems
Sing simple songs